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Top 100 Runescape Private Servers

Rank Site In Out
1 usa-pkz
0 1
a epic rsps with chaotic, 100% working castle wars, d claws, god swords, pvp armour, nice staff, and a lot more
2 j-scape
0 0
j-scape have all skills(summ,dung,hunters,...)dung cave, dung stuff, chaotic stuff, sol, mod spot open, owners: jenny admin: marc,kingjeremy12, eric, iski mod: broken herb castle wars, clanwars, pk s
0 0
Best server ever! All working bosses! Great Xp rate! All mini games working! Donator Tab! Donator Zone! Staff Zone! Staff spots open! Buyable staff spots with rsgp! Pk shop! Slayer shop! Webclient!
0 0
corporal beast/spirit shields/godwars/fun pk/
nice community/and more to come
5 Uk-Runescape
0 0 We give free donor uppon creation and we have over 16 players on at one time. We have events and fun give aways.