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wonderfull client--d claws--d plate--all godswords--all specs works--dfs--minigames--pk box--bandos scimitar--friendly staff :D join today!

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1 RunePoison
0 1
Dueling Arena, Pest Control, Warriors Guild,
Dagganoth Kings, Real Godsword Emotes/Specs,
250+ Online, Every skill works,
True Skillcape Emotes, JOIN US TODAY!
2 drenscape
0 0
hi im angelos
3 Stork-Pk.info
0 1

Stork-Pk is one of the best RSC servers out there. Its back again with great staff and here to stay. Start fresh with a great community to today. Join http://stork-pk.info now!
4 alternate pvp
0 0

pest control all skills
its no pickup server
5 come if you have the balls
0 1
use ::master or ::pure first people can be admin and first person can be co-owner
0 0
corporal beast/spirit shields/godwars/fun pk/
nice community/and more to come
7 usa-pkz
0 0
a epic rsps with chaotic, 100% working castle wars, d claws, god swords, pvp armour, nice staff, and a lot more
8 j-scape
0 0
j-scape have all skills(summ,dung,hunters,...)dung cave, dung stuff, chaotic stuff, sol, mod spot open, owners: jenny admin: marc,kingjeremy12, eric, iski mod: broken herb castle wars, clanwars, pk s
9 Dds-Specz.net
0 0
Best server ever! All working bosses! Great Xp rate! All mini games working! Donator Tab! Donator Zone! Staff Zone! Staff spots open! Buyable staff spots with rsgp! Pk shop! Slayer shop! Webclient!
10 OwnagePKscape 508
0 1
here goes a beif sumary of everything on the sever!!!!!!

-has d claws all spirit sheilds d pl8 body vetsa long full void d bow full zuriels full statius full vesta full morrigans workin knifes full elite full dagon hai dungeonin cape and armour staff
11 apolloscape
0 1
visi lietuviai cmon
12 WoW-Titans Quality Private Server WOTLK 3.3.3
0 0
WoW-Titans Private Server WOTLK 3.3.3, High Rates 20x classic realm!spells full working, vehicles, arenas, ICC full!Pvp events!JOIN
0 0
wonderfull client--d claws--d plate--all godswords--all specs works--dfs--minigames--pk box--bandos scimitar--friendly staff :D join today!
14 Deltascape
0 1
Welcome to DeltaScape Reloaded, a brand new server. This server will suit anyone, as it includes PKing and skilling. We hope you enjoy your stay, and be sure to have fun!
15 MoonScap
0 0
MoonScap - New Server
Join Others & Play Online Now
16 Frostiescape PVP
0 0
Frostiescape is a well known dedicated PVP server. We started the PVP era, and we're at our peak of everything! We have a lot of drop parties, and there is always 10 + people in the PvP area.
17 Darksidepk
0 0
skilling/pking server all you need to join is at
www.darksidepk.tk we got all real working special attacks! d claws,vls,stat hammer,all god sword specials everything!
18 Amazing Bible
0 0
A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies,
doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts.
19 microsoft1
0 2
20 sundayscape
0 0
you start like other runescapes
21 Uk-Runescape
0 0
http://rs-ps.org/play.php?server=UK-Runescape We give free donor uppon creation and we have over 16 players on at one time. We have events and fun give aways.
22 www.endscape.webs.com
0 1
great pking need staff good graphics little bugs dragon claws 100% working specs ags
23 ColdBrainScape
0 1
Welcome to coldbrain scape, where your brain freezes, at least we think it does... When you see
the features of course!
24 pkerscape
0 1
hey come quick first few people get staff status we have lots of pking and we will have many weapons including vesta, come now we also have caring staff
25 Rune-Cpsv
0 2
New pvp server in need of players

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